Daniel J. Fries started playing guitar in 1994. He never took any formal lessons, but an acquaintance introduced him to basic acoustic guitar playing. Shortly after he would discover the world of electric guitar playing. Later he took lessons in classical music theory at the local music school. He loves classical music, progressive rock and metal as well as jazz and fusion music. Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi are his favourite classical composers.

He played guitar on recordings with the following musicians:


  • Ted Leonard (Enchant, Spock´s Beard)
  • Mike LePond (Symphony X)
  • Collin Leijenaar (Dilemma, Neal Morse)
  • Alex Argento
  • Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion, ex-Dream Theater)
  • Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)
  • Neal Morse

Other projects with these artists:

  • Signum Regis (Power Metal Band)
  • Symphonic Theater of Dreams (acoustic guitar with Tina Guo on Cello and Marc Papeghin, french horn)
  • Ilia Danilov (Prog Rock Concept Album release 2025)
  • Lars Lehmann (Bass)
  • Eva Kathryn (Vox) & Marco Minnemann (Drums), Conner Green (Haken), Koen Herfst (Drums), Randy George (Bass)
  • Marco Herbert (Keys, Pop/Rock and film music composer)
  • Stephanie Forryan

There´re more releases to come. Especially a long awaited Affector follow-up album someday!


A big thank you to Daniel Latsch, he created the beautiful and sophisticated Affector Harmagedon cover artwork, CD booklet and vinyl design. He also runs this website. I´m proud of his work.

Without my wife and kids, I´d be nobody: Mirjam, Laureen, Elisha, Eliana and Noah! I love you my family.
Love and peace to my mom, she´s been supporting me ever since!

I love you Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior!